10 best gifts for travelers under $25 for 2022

Wracking your brain for the perfect stocking-fillers? We’ve got you covered.

These under $25 gift recommendations from Lonely Planet staffers are the products we turn to when we’re on the road. From sentimental pieces like destination-themed scented candles to practical items like travel wallets and journals, these budget-friendly gifts are suitable for your roommate, colleague, best friend, and everyone in between.

Homesick Candles.pngHomesick scented candles will bring you back to your favorite destination

1. Homesick Candles

Recommended by Ann Douglas Lott, Lonely Planet associate editor
Starting from $19

I always have a candle burning when I’m home, and Homesick candles are my go-to gift because each scent is personalized to the destination that inspired it – Tulum, Southern California, Virginia and Vancouver, to name a few. They evoke a nostalgia for the places I miss most.

National Park themed socksSwiftwick socks mix cool design with high performance

2. Swiftwick National Parks Collection

Recommended by Sebastian Modak, Lonely Planet editor-at-large

Okay, there’s something a little cliched about giving socks as a holiday gift, but that’s only because it works. Who doesn’t love a quality pair of socks? Swiftwick’s line combines high performance with very cool designs inspired by more than a dozen of North America’s National Parks. The socks’ moisture-wicking properties, breathability and comfort make them an easy go-to for anything active.

Venmigo's black travel wallet, shown zipped upKeep your travel documents safe in the Vemingo travel wallet

3. Vemingo RFID-blocking travel wallet

Recommended by Fionnuala McCarthy, Lonely Planet editorial director

Travel wallets are probably not needed so much now, with a digital boarding pass and credit card all that’s required to travel, but I’m old-school and always fearful of losing my phone or my battery dying, along with everything to do with our vacation. So I still bring a travel wallet on family holidays and carry everyones’ passports, printed boarding cards, health insurance cards, and accommodation addresses.

This one is super-handy, slim but with lots of compartments, and it’s bright, so it can be found easily in your luggage. It’s also great for keeping everything together in one place at home, ready for the next trip.

Get more travel inspiration, tips and exclusive offers sent straight to your inbox with our weekly newsletter. Supergoop! Everyday sun lotionPlay smart with Supergoop’s SPF 50 water-resistant sunscreen

4. Supergoop! Play Sunscreen (SPF 50)

Recommended by Sasha Brady, Lonely Planet digital editor
From $10

This lightweight sunscreen never feels sticky and is packed with all the important stuff like strong protection from UVA, UVB and IRA rays. It’s water- and sweat-resistant, making it ideal for hiking, jogging, or swimming — and for people who sweat like crazy through their faces (hello me!). It’s ultra-hydrating and leaves your face and body with a non-greasy, matte finish. Best of all, it’s formulated to be reef safe and is a great option for sensitive skin because the ingredients are minimal.  

The cover of The ABC Travel Greenbook: Connecting the African Diaspora Globally, showing a shirtless Black man from the back with his arm raised Find black-owned businesses on the road with the ABC Travel Green Book

5. The ABC Travel Green Book: Connecting the African Diaspora Globally

Recommended by Alicia Johnson, Lonely Planet digital editor

This book is a necessary resource for finding Black-owned businesses the world over, from communities, restaurants and festivals to all the other Black-first places there are to explore.  

byta-16oz-mug.jpgThe Byta tumblers are cute and sustainable

6. Byta stainless-steel tumblers

Recommended by Anne Zalatoris, Lonely Planet lead account manager

Byta’s 16oz tumbler is the perfect size for water, coffee or even outdoor cocktails on the go — high quality, cute and sustainable, it fits perfectly in cup holders and keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold. (Ice doesn’t even melt!) Pair it with one of the brand’s stainless steel straws, and customize it with your name or a phrase. (If you need something bigger, the 30oz version is great for hot yoga and hiking.) 

Moleskine's Cahiers notebook in bright poppy redRecord your travel memories in a classic Moleskine journal

7. Moleskine Cahiers journals

Recommended by Sarah Stocking, Lonely Planet editor

These Moleskine notebooks have been my go-to journals for a lifetime of trips. The XL version is thin and lightweight, so I take a couple if it’s a very long trip, but I tend to find one works just about right no matter what. They also look great on my shelf, and I’m a sucker for the snazzy colors.

Jerry Q Art's travel watercolor set, open to show its 18 paintsPut your phone away and kill some time with the Jerry Q Art watercolor pocket set 

8. Jerry Q Art watercolor pocket set

Recommended by Sarah Stocking, Lonely Planet editor

Elevate your journaling with a compact, travel-friendly paint set — this tin is the perfect size to stow away and add a little color to your writing. It also comes with a water brush, so you won’t spill if painting in transit.

Welly's Bravery Bandages kit, in a yellow tin with colorful lines around the labelWelly adventure kits are pocket-sized first-aid kits

9. Welly adventure kits

Recommended by Sarah Stocking, Lonely Planet editor
From $8

These small first aid kits are amazing: they pack everything you might need into a tin so tiny it slides into any bag. I want one for my mom kit, one for my girls’ getaways, one for hiking – in short, I want them all. 

Here’s the thing about a first aid kit: you never know when you’re going to need one, but when you do, you really do. My first time out backpacking in Thailand, my travel companion and I realized our packs were far too heavy and purged our giant first-aid kits immediately upon arrival. Don’t let this happen to you. (They’re also the perfect little stocking-stuffer.)

BAGGU's small reusable shopping bags in a variety of colorful printsThe Baggu reusable bags can be used for shopping, laundry and packing

10. Baggu reusable bags

Recommended by Sarah Stocking, Lonely Planet editor

These reusable bags have been a staple in my luggage since my New York City aunt introduced them to me 20-odd years ago – she would stash them in her handbag so she always had a shopping bag, just in case. My grandmother and I thought it was genius, and they’ve traveled with me ever since. Sure, there are other brands, but Baggu is the most reliable, plus they’re easy to clean and come in all kinds of sizes and colors. No more plastic shopping bags for me!

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