ELE | NA Wins Readers’ Choice

ELE | NA, a leading name in the wellness and spa industry, is proud  to announce its remarkable victory as the “Readers’ Choice – Favorite Spa Brand – Global”  at the prestigious GlobalSpa Awards 2023. This coveted award recognizes ELE | NA’s  unwavering commitment to providing exceptional spa experiences and its dedication to  sustainable, conscious wellness practices in alignment with the event’s theme, “Conscious  Sustainable Wellbeing.” 

GlobalSpa Awards, known for celebrating excellence in the spa and wellness sector,  serves as a testament to ELE | NA’s relentless pursuit of perfection in an industry that  values rejuvenation, relaxation, and holistic health. This recognition reaffirms the brand’s  position as a global leader in the spa industry, setting the gold standard for impeccable  service and sustainable wellness initiatives. 

ELE | NA’s unwavering commitment to sustainability extends beyond its exceptional spa  services. The brand has been at the forefront of championing eco-friendly practices,  promoting conscious wellness, and reducing its environmental footprint. This award is a  testament to ELE | NA’s efforts in creating a harmonious balance between personal  wellbeing and environmental responsibility. 

Furthermore, ELE | NA is excited to announce its strategic expansion plans for 2024. In line  with its mission to spread the message of conscious sustainable wellbeing across the 

globe, the brand will be extending its reach to new horizons in the Middle East, India, and  Sri Lanka. These regions have shown a growing appetite for holistic wellness experiences,  making them ideal destinations for ELE | NA’s world-class spa offerings. 

The expansion into the Middle East, India, and Sri Lanka in 2024 represents a significant  milestone for ELE | NA, marking a new chapter in its journey to redefine wellness and spa  experiences worldwide. With a focus on embracing local cultures and traditions while  integrating sustainable practices, ELE | NA is poised to leave an indelible mark on these  diverse and vibrant markets. 

ELE | NA expresses its heartfelt gratitude to its dedicated team, loyal patrons, and  partners who have been instrumental in achieving this prestigious award and supporting  its expansion endeavors. As ELE | NA continues to thrive in the global spa industry, it  remains committed to delivering unparalleled wellness experiences that rejuvenate the  body, mind, and soul, all while promoting conscious sustainable wellbeing. 

For more information about ELE | NA please visit www.ele-na.com or contact  [email protected] 


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