How Do I Start My First Vlog on YouTube?

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If you actively use Youtube, you might have noticed that a lot of content creators have been posting videos called “vlogs.” Vlogs are an informative, fun, and easy way to interact with your audience. If you’re also looking to post your own first vlog on YouTube, then this guide is for you. In this article, we’ll get you acquainted with what a vlog is, guide you through creating a fun intro with a YouTube intro maker like VistaCreate, and give you some tips to get you started.

What Is a “Vlog”?

A “vlog” is the short form of the word “video log.” Imagine it as a visual diary, blog, or journal. You can record your everyday life, how you run errands, or show a place you have visited.

Nowadays, vlogging is the trend for online video content. Each person has a different motive for starting a vlog. Some people like to record their day-to-day activities, while others like sharing their experiences with the world.

There are many platforms to which you can upload your content. YouTube is one of the most popular ones right now. So it’s a good idea to start by uploading your content there.

Creating a Catchy Intro for Your Vlog

When vlogging, having a good intro is very important. This is the hook part of your video content.

  1. Having A Unique Start To Your Intro

Just like in writing, having a good hook to catch the reader’s attention is recommended. Making the start of your videos interesting or exciting would help get you more viewers.

The YouTube community has a lot of users, and there is a lot of competition on this online content platform. So you will need to have some “wow factor” to set your channel apart.

Another thing is that users tend to browse quickly through videos on YouTube. Therefore, having a unique introduction is key to brand recognition. Every time your video plays, users will be reminded that it’s your channel. Examples include PewDiePie, TED, the Try Guys, BuzzFeed, and countless more.

  1. Creating The Body Of The Intro

The easiest way to create a professional-looking intro or add a little flair to your intro is by using a YouTube intro maker. These programs are made to make it easier for people who make content to put together parts of videos to make cool intros for their vlogs.

The best part about these apps is that they don’t require you to have the know-how and fundamental ins and outs of video editing technology. These are fairly simple to use, with sliders to adjust various options.

If you’re worried about inspiration or creativity, or maybe it’s just been a hard day and you’re lacking creativity, they even have built-in templates and animations. Some apps can also suggest music based on your videos.

  1. Finishing the Intro

All that you need to do now is upload your video, readjust some sliders regarding the video content according to your preference, add animations, maybe some music, and top it off with some video effects. Now you’ve got your own Youtube intro.

The important thing is to keep trying and improving your editing skills. A good idea would be to create several introductions and then choose between them to discover the best one.

Customizing Your YouTube Channel

Take some time to think about what your YouTube channel will be based on. If you’re looking to gain followers or become an influential channel, then you have to choose a theme, style, or topic for your vlogs.

The easiest way to do this is by watching other content creators on YouTube. When you watch their content, think about what makes their vlogs interesting and what hooked you to their channel. This will help you understand what their viewers like about their channel, how they engage with their viewers, and what makes their vlogs different from other vloggers’.


This article is a guide for starting your own vlog on YouTube. We first established that a vlog is a video blog, a video diary, or a journal of daily life activities.

Then we discussed that a unique intro is important to make an impression, create brand recognition, and add a little fun to your videos. We learned how to create a catchy intro with a YouTube intro maker. And finally, by watching other content creators, we can get ideas regarding what a vlog should be like.


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