How to organize a budget trip to Krakow and visit Auschwitz?

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People often wonder how to travel without spending too much money. After all, hotels are so expensive now, ticket prices are constantly changing, fuel is getting more expensive, food is getting more expensive, and on top of that vaccinations, passports… And how to organize a nice trip on a budget? Today I will show you in a few points that organizing a trip on your own is nothing terrible and anyone can do it, you just need to want to see the world!

The first step is to choose a good destination

The most important questions to ask yourself at the beginning of organizing a trip are: where do I want to go? What do I want to see? How do I want to spend this time? It is best to make yourself your bucket list challenge beforehand, writing out all the places and countries that interest you. In this case, it would be good if these places were not too far from each other. Under the name of each country, list the places, events and attractions that interest you. Everyone can write here something different because one will choose the blue sky with white clouds and the sea, while someone else likes snow and mountains. It is also important to take into account whether you plan to visit the sights, or lying on the beach all week.

Important things to check before you go

Now, an important item on our list. Namely, it is worth checking the favorable months, in which there are favorable weather conditions for us in these places, or the dates of interesting, interesting events. If we plan to visit cultural places, pass some museums, cinemas, and concerts, it’s also worth checking admission prices, or book tickets in advance. And, I know that few people take this into account in advance, but if you go to the city, it is known that the center can be more or less walked, counting 40 thousand steps, then supposedly the most visited. But if you have little time, and you want to really see a lot, it is worth checking beforehand the public transport connections, as well as the prices for storing luggage, if you are not traveling only with a backpack.

When do we have time to go somewhere?

When making a list like this, it’s also a good idea to take into account all the facts that could harm or hinder us on such a trip. If we know that we might have a problem to get a long enough vacation at work, we either choose short city-breaks, which are all the easier to organize cheaply, or we store our vacation time for this one adventure of a lifetime. This way you can also easily prepare a preliminary list of expenses, costs you have to incur and how much cash you have to have for contingencies. It is best if you have more than one proposal, because then you are flexible and can find more bargain offers. Now we know where and when we want to go.

Where to look for cheap flights, accommodation, and transfers?

There are many proven ways to look for cheap airline tickets, train tickets or simply, decide to drive even hitchhiking. But this is for the bravest. Unfortunately, the price of fuel is beyond our control. Many people outdo each other in the search for errors on various websites, private carriers, combine with transfer options.

Another way, you can say that it is quite crazy, is nomadic and waiting with a packed backpack at major airports, or at railroad stations, in readiness for the appearance of free seats, last-minute offers or some super opportunity. But don’t kid yourself, not everyone has time for that. Such people do not need this guide, so let’s move on to the ways that interest us.

It is worthwhile and necessary to subscribe to the newsletter of several popular airlines and private carriers, which in this way information about the best outlets. The downside of this approach is that if we can not fly anywhere, sometimes they tempt us with attractive offers.

It is necessary to like several pages on Facebook and Instagram and keep up to date. Nothing but to take advantage of them. 

However, the most important thing in all this is that the earlier we start looking for interesting connections, the greater the chance for bargain offers. 

A trip to Krakow and Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum

Auschwitz Auschwitz

If you are going on a trip to Krakow, you can use the services of the Balice Airport, which has a super connection to the network of international flights, and mainly those of low-cost carriers. If you are from Poland and just want to come to the city of Krakow from another part of the country, it is best to choose train travel. They are relatively inexpensive and accessible everywhere, as well as convenient. 

When coming to Krakow, apart from the standard Krakow sights such as the Wawel Castle or the Cloth Hall, it is worth taking at least one day to travel outside the city and learn more about the history of our ancestors by visiting the former Nazi concentration camp of Auschwitz-Birkenau, located just 66 km from Krakow. The best option is to go on an organized trip with a transfer and guardianship by KrakowDirect.

Private transfer from Krakow to Auschwitz

Choosing a private or regular tour service Auschwitz tours from Krakow guarantees you a comfortable ride, an interesting adventure with an experienced guide on site, walking around the museum Auschwitz and taking part in the workshops offered. If you book your ticket in advance, you can be sure that you will not miss anything, and you will get rid of unnecessary costs for public transport, parking and the care of a guide on site. If you wish, the company can also offer you boarding arrangements for the day. Maintaining the memory and respect for the prisoners of death camps, you will begin to see the freedom and beauty in your life today, and this is the world we can now live in, above all free. The very fact that you were able to go there is truly precious.


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