Postcard from Bermuda: my trip to the Caribbean in pics

Georgina Lawton, journalist, and author of ‘Black Girls Take World’, shares her favorite spots from a recent trip to the island of Bermuda.

Bermuda was a place that, prior to this trip, felt like an elusive and exclusive fantasy location to me; a dream-like island of pink sands and crystalline waters that seemed filtered. Then a college friend moved to Bermuda for work recently, and suddenly, a trip was within my reach. I could finally see if the island was as beautiful as I had imagined. I visited in mid-October when the weather was still around 80F, and the tourist crowds had largely eased.

Bermuda fried fish sandwichGeorgina tries a fried fish sandwich at Cafe Ole

I usually start the day in Bermuda with…

Bermuda’s fish sandwich — an island staple. After a comfortable mid-morning flight with Jetblue from New York City, I made it my mission to hunt down the best fish sandwich on the island for brunch. I was looking for a local catch that was floured and fried and served on thick bread layered with tomatoes and tartar sauce.

Locals pointed me toward Café Olé in Hamilton, where I found exactly what I was looking for. The cafe’s take on the fish sandwich is door-stopper-sized, packed full of breaded rockfish, and served in mild-flavored raisin bread. Totally mouth-watering and incredibly filling. 

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Georgina behind the wheel of an electric car in BermudaGeorgina behind the wheel of a Twizzy

In Bermuda, you must try…

Renting a Twizzy: an electric mini car. With just two seats set tandem-style inside a four-foot-wide vehicle, getting in and out of a Twizzy can feel a bit awkward, but once you’re inside, it’s a pretty enjoyable and surprisingly smooth ride. Pay as you go or pay a flat rate of about $100 to keep the car for the whole day.

My friend and I used it to whizz between the main beaches — and received several waves from other drivers doing the same thing. Parking and electric charging points for Twizzy cars are easy to come by. 

Author Georgina enjoying a sushi dinner in BermudaSushi and cocktails at Pearl

The top spot for dinner and drinks in Bermuda is…

Pearl, a sushi restaurant in Hamilton. With terrace views of Hamilton harbor, Japanese-trained chefs, and an extensive sake menu, Pearl feels like an occasion: a fabulous date spot or special place to treat a friend.

Fresh fish is everywhere in Bermuda, and at Pearl, it comes in the form of creatively prepared sushi packed full of flavor. The sashimi practically melts in the mouth. If you’re craving maki rolls, try the crispy Kotzu Pearl, which contains lobster, crab, avocado, and spicy mayo.

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Author Georgina in a Bermuda swimming pool with a cocktail in her handRelaxing in the pool at The Loren

In Bermuda, I stayed in…

The Loren at Pink Beach, a five-star boutique hotel. Built along a hillside on Bermuda’s southeast coast, the incredibly stylish rooms at The Loren come with views of the Atlantic. A marine-themed restaurant at the hotel serves everything from crab cakes for breakfast to Bermudian fish and chips. There’s also an onsite gym and gorgeous infinity pool for when you finally manage to peel yourself from that sunlounger and a direct-access private pink-hued beach. Even though it’s fancy and considered the ‘it’ place to stay in Bermuda, the service is friendly and never feels stuffy.

I recommend booking a Phyto Aromatic Zen Harmony massage at the hotel’s spa; probably one of the best massages I’ve ever had — firm but relaxing. 

Bermuda beachGetting away from the crowds at Cooper’s Island Nature Reserve

In Bermuda, I got away from the crowds by…

Sunbathing at Cooper’s Island Nature Reserve. You might have heard of Horseshoe Bay, a popular beach that attracts a steady stream of visitors year-round, but my pick for a relaxing beach day is Cooper’s Island. I found it incredibly calm and dazzlingly beautiful: home to pristine sands that are (almost) pink, unspoiled walks with rocky coves, and turquoise water that you don’t have to share with crowds of people.

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postcard-from-bermuda-06.pngBringing the taste of Bermuda back home with Outerbridge’s sherry pepper sauce

From Bermuda, you should bring back…

Outerbridge’s Original sherry pepper sauce. This is essentially the taste of Bermuda, bottled. This dark brown sauce is as piquant as a shot of alcohol. In Bermuda it’s often used as an added kick in local cocktails and to season soups, meats, and stews. 

Georgina Lawton traveled from New York City to Bermuda with JetBlue. Lonely Planet writers do not accept freebies in exchange for positive coverage.


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