Tips for Travelling Safely and Economically Wherever You Go

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Many people love to travel for various reasons. While some scrimp and save to have a grand vacation, many more travelers prioritize cost savings and safety wherever their destination may be.

So, if you are prepared to travel safely without spending too much, here are a few tips.

Travelling safely

  • Insure yourself. It is a requirement to have travel insurance. Typically, the plan covers medical emergencies, lost, damaged, or stolen luggage, medical evacuation, delays, and trip cancellation or interruption. Some plans also cover pre-existing conditions and rental car damage.
  • Know about local epidemics. If you plan to travel to a tropical country, you can ensure your safety if you know about the local epidemics that the destination may have, such as dengue. You can download a mobile app that sends travel alerts to top tourist destinations. Moreover, you should have bug sprays as long as local customs officials allow their entry.
  • Check your phone’s operability. You should ensure that your phone and SIM card work at your destination. Check if you need to replace your SIM with another one that can make international calls. Another thing you should do is add local emergency numbers to your phone, especially police and ambulance numbers. Adding these local numbers to your speed dial is also helpful.
  • Check what protection you can carry legally. In many countries, carrying personal protection, such as pepper spray, is allowed. However, do not assume that it would be legal to carry it to your next destination. Ensure that the destination city or country allows foreigners to carry and use it. Consider something useful, such as a whistle as a deterrent, which would give you some time to call the police.
  • Use mobile apps. You can ensure your safety by letting someone you trust know where you are through an app. Look for an app you can install on your phone that sends your current location and your picture to a specified recipient when you press the power button a few times.

Budget-friendly travel

  • Use your credit card points to book your flights. You can save on airfare using the credit card miles you earn. In addition, you can choose credit cards that allow you to earn bonus miles so that some of your flights are almost free.
  • Stay in a hostel. If you are travelling solo, you can save by staying in hostels. A good one can still be cheaper than a hotel room. Moreover, you can meet several travelers and enjoy good food. Many hostels also provide free breakfast.
  • Use local transport. Instead of taking a taxi, search beforehand for how you can get around safely. There are places where you can rent a bike, use the MRT, or use local buses. The most important thing is to have an itinerary and find out which modes of transport are available for you to visit interesting sights quickly and safely. Know travel times and public transport schedules.

Reading reviews and recommendations will help you find ways to save and keep safe while in another country. Further, research can provide plenty of information about your destination and what you can and cannot do there.


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