Ultimate Journeys for Two – Nat Geo’s Bestselling Couples Travel Guide

Couples travel guide

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Ultimate Journeys for Two: Extraordinary Destinations on Every Continent

Written by the world’s longest honeymooners, this best-selling couples travel guide reveals hidden-gem destinations and insider tips for unforgettable couples travel. Authors Mike & Anne Howard offer tested-and-approved recommendations, bringing culture, adventure, and romance to any pair–no matter their age or budget. Chapters are organized by type of destination (beaches, mountains, deserts, rainforests, and more) to help travelers discover new places based on their interests. Each entry focuses on a specific region, getting to the essence of the locale and its one-of-a-kind offerings. The authors pinpoint the ideal time to visit, the best places to stay, and must-do activities—each with their own adventure rating. Special features include funny and insightful stories from the Howards’ own journey, expert advice from other renowned traveling couples, and tips to make the most of each destination. Both entertaining and informative, this book is an invaluable resource and inspiration for a lifetime of travel.

Features include:

  • 75+ featured destinations with extraordinary excursions, romantic twists, and side trips to extend your journey
  • Top 10 lists of the ultimate day hikes, festivals, scuba dives, beaches, and more
  • Expert advice from fellow couples, who’ve road-tripped around the world and sailed the seven seas
  • Handy Itineraries—from pinpointing the ideal place for any month of the year to connecting destinations across each continent for multi-week adventures
  • Travel hacks to earn free flights and lodging, find authentic local experiences, and do good as you go

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Watch The Pages Come Alive

National Geographic created a video series with a few of Ultimate Journeys for Two‘s featured destinations like, the Brazilian Amazon, Komodo Indonesia, and the Olympic Peninsula.


Critical Acclaim for Ultimate Journeys for Two

best engagement giftsThis couples travel guide has been featured in over 100 articles, podcasts, TV interviews, gift guides, and radio segments. Media outlets include the Associated Press, USA Today, The Globe & Mail, InStyle, Seattle Times, Forbes, Lonely Planet, The Points Guy, US News & World Report, and more.

“This isn’t your grandfather’s National Geographic travel book. ‘Ultimate Journeys for Two: Extraordinary Destinations on Every Continent’ is an adventure guide for the footloose modern couple…It will woo the spirit of many adventure-loving duos.”
–The Seattle Times

“Ultimate Journeys for Two is a great gift for both newlyweds and longtime couples looking for their next great adventure.”
—The Travel Channel

“One of my favorite travel books to give as a gift is Ultimate Journeys for Two. Anne and Mike work hard to immerse themselves in their travels and discover the special facets of each destination they visit. That clearly jumps out on the pages of this book as they take you along on their journey around the world! Sometimes funny, sometimes more serious, always insightful…This book’s a great read and a gift that will keep on giving as it inspires couples to create their own journeys.”
– Mary Carey, Host – RMWorldTravel with Robert & Mary Carey and Rudy Maxa

” Ultimate Journeys for Two presents more than an insider look into traveling off the beaten path; it gives you a holistic understanding of what you’ll take away from each destination. If you can’t remember the last time you took PTO, you need to buy this book.” —Forbes.com

“Read this book before you book your next travel adventure with your beau! Anne and Mike Howard made sure to create a product that highlighted the uniqueness of each excursion…the pair found a way to curate their exceptional journey into a 272-page tale of pure exploration.” —InStyle Magazine

What Readers Are Saying

Best couples travel guideUltimate Journeys for Two has received over 500 reviews on Amazon and maintained a 4.7-star rating. Its reader popularity consistently lists it in the top 3 honeymoon travel guides and top 20 travelogues. We read through the hundreds of reviews and these folks say it best:

“Mike and Anne Howard have a spirit of adventure that is downright contagious. Putting down this book, I wanted to immediately hop on a plane, trace their steps and pack in some of the joy, delight, humor, excitement and wonder the Howards deliver in these pages.”
– P. Healy

“My wife and I love to travel and we’ve never come across a guidebook with the incredible depth and breadth that this one does. It’s filled with gorgeous photos and detailed information that will give you serious wanderlust. 5 stars!”
– Leeroy Jenkins

“I’ve now bought 2 of these books as gifts for a wedding and for an engagement party. It makes a wonderful, lovely gift! It has provided inspiration for honeymoons and future couples’ trips…I’m even thinking of buying a third copy for myself.”
– Gretchen

“Anne and Mike encourage you to become travelers who want to drink deeply from the country and its people and their culture, respect the locals and their traditions and admire their heritage…yet have lots of fun. The traveler leaves with a lasting and greater understanding of this diverse world and its inhabitants-to develop and respect the differences—it truly broadens the mind.”
– Shanta Herzog

“My wife and I have long followed Mike and Anne’s adventures around the world. In fact, they inspired us to take our own ‘HoneyTrek’ around the world. After we got married, we traveled to 15 countries in 4 continents for nearly a year. This book is a perfect illustration of why Mike and Anne’s content is so powerful.”
– Rolando

“Travel books are a dime a dozen, but this is so much more than a travel book. This helps you plan your trip, affordably…it helps you live your trip instead of watching it pass by…yes and it motivates you to actually want to take your trip! Can’t stress this enough, these guys do so much more than travel. They LIVE. And they want to share the journeys with all of us. If you’re reading this review, BUY THE BOOK. you’ll be so glad you did.”
– Tom

Pick Up A Copy

couples travel guideThis book has proven to be a great gift for couples of all ages and occasions—weddings, anniversaries, retirements, and anytime travelers are in need of inspiration! This Nat Geo couples travel guide is available at all major bookstores (Barnes & Noble, Books a Million, etc) and online retailers (Amazon, Bookshop.org, etc), and to make it an even more memorable gift, we offer signed copies through the HoneyTrek Bookshop. We’ve also been heartened to hear how many solo travelers and families find inspiration in this book, so you certainly don’t need be a couple to enjoy these 75 destinations. It’s all about getting out there and living life to the fullest. Thanks so much for supporting our book and happy travels!


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