Where the Lonely Planet team wants to go in 2023

At Lonely Planet, the constant desire to add new places to the bucket list is an occupational hazard. Our travel plans are vast, varied and ever-changing – and many of us already have something (or many things) in mind for 2023. Find out where a few of us are planning to travel next year. 

A woman in winter gear stands in the mountains near Dublin. Fin exploring the outdoors on Dublin’s hill of Howth  © Fin McCarthy / Lonely Planet

Fin McCarthy, Editorial Director 

Right now in damp Dublin summer seems a long way off, so I booked an impulse trip to Tenerife in the Canary Islands in January for some blue skies. We are staying up north on the island where there are incredible hiking trails. Not sure if I will manage Pico del Teide, Spain’s highest peak…but there are plenty of less challenging routes that might help kick-start that new year fitness regime!

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Erin Lenczycki, Photo Editor 

My birthday is on Bastille Day and I’ve always wanted to see the festivities in Paris. I’m surprising my fiancé with a dual trip: Bastille Day celebrations (and a million croissants) for me, Disneyland Paris for him.

A woman wearing green stands on a rocky coastline. Alex on the coast of Connemara, Ireland © Alex Butler / Lonely Planet

Alex Butler, Managing Editor 

Vietnam has been at the top of my travel list for years now, but I have been always waiting for the perfect time to go. That finally ends this year, when I have promised myself I will finally explore the country (and find a new favorite Vietnamese dish).

Two women cuddle on the banks of the river. Rachel Lewis (left) and her partner © Rachel Lewis / Lonely Planet

Rachel Lewis, Senior Marketing Manager

My partner and I are saving up for our honeymoon to Greece (2024!) so we’re planning a few smaller trips for 2023 — we want to stroll through Charleston, South Carolina; eat our way through Savannah, Georgia; and get some sun in Santa Fe, New Mexico. We’re hoping for another trip or two to Asheville, North Carolina, which is a few hours from us. It’s one of our favorites, especially come fall!

A woman wearing a light shirt and dark shorts smiles at the camera. Sasha in Barcelona © Sasha Brady / Lonely Planet

Sasha Brady, Digital Editor

I was supposed to travel to Morocco before the pandemic hit, and I still haven’t managed to strike that off my list. Maybe a weekend break in Marrakesh will happen this year. It’s just a three-and-a-half-hour flight away from my home base of Dublin – so no excuses. I’m also hoping to visit one of the quieter Canary Islands (torn between El Hierro and La Gomera) following a trip to England for the Glastonbury music festival in June. And if the Grand Egyptian Museum finally opens in 2023, you’ll find me in Cairo. However, I always stray from my new year plans…so who knows where I’ll actually end up?

A woman lies on a hammock over blue water in Bora Bora. Melissa in Bora Bora in 2022 © Melissa Yeager / Lonely Planet

Melissa Yeager, Senior Editor 

I loved completing my 2022 resolution to walk the Camino de Santiago in 2022 so next in my sights for a walking trip is a 2023 Best in Travel pick: the Trans Bhutan Trail. The other adventure on my radar is a summer road trip though the Baltic nations of Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania.

Laura Motta, Senior Director of Content

My cousin is getting married in Mumbai, so I’m heading there in January for three days of celebration, family and lots (and lots) of food. But I’m also taking some solo time for myself to explore the city, take a day trip or two and just be in discovery mode.

A woman walks through the white sand dunes of a national park. Zoe walks through White Sands National Park © Zoe Jablow / Lonely Planet

Zoe Jablow, Engineering Manager

My dad, sister, fiancé  and I are going on a very New Jersey (where I was born and raised) pilgrimage: to see Bruce Springsteen just outside of Milan in July, and will spend about five days in Lake Como before the show. We probably will tack on another European country – just haven’t decided which one quite yet…

A man smiles for the camera in the Swiss mountains. Tom in Switzerland © Tom Hall / Lonely Planet

Tom Hall, VP Experience

Romania. I’ve never been, and there are numerous, fabulous-looking night-train options to get there from points west like Vienna and Budapest, bearing the names Ister, Dacia and (best of all) the Astra Trans Carpatic. What’s more, newly appointed King Charles III has a holiday rental in the country, in the heart of Transylvania.


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